Wage Subsidy, PPE and Letter of Authority

At the risk of “over-communicating”, I want to honour our promise of communicating progress and updates to you as and when they come to us. Today, we have further information to share regarding wage subsidies, our progress with sourcing personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves, and a letter template you can give to your support workers to enable them to travel to your home for your support.

Wage Subsidy

We were hoping that you may be able to access this to keep your support workers income secure, but unfortunately it is only available to those employers whose income has reduced by 30%, which is not the case with Individualised Funding because it is not considered income.

As previously mentioned however, the Ministry has decided to allow much more flexibility around using your Individualised Funding. You can use it to purchase more to help get through this period. We want to ensure you have what you need – whether that’s a Netflix account, health and fitness items like hand-held weights, or a laptop to stay connected with family members and friends. You can use your budget to best suit you at this time to stay safe and well.

Progress on Personal Protective Equipment

In other good news, we have been working with some wonderful volunteers around the country who have volunteered to donate their time, materials and efforts to sew reusable and washable fabric masks! We are in the process of finalising the detail on these and will let you know when can start distributing. We are also compiling a list of contacts and suppliers to source more traditional PPE – primarily daily disposable masks and gloves. There is a global shortage of these so it’s not a quick fix – but we are trying!

We are told that although Personal Protective Equipment remains an issue, the Ministry has committed to ensuring that community providers get what they need. That’s US – and YOU! We will update you with those details as they come to us as well, and we will do our very best to get this to anyone who needs it.

Essential Service – Letter of Authority

There have been some queries regarding a letter of authority for essential service providers and specifically for your support workers – to enable them to travel to your home to provide your support. While we have not been advised that this is a requirement, we have created a template for your convenience as proof for your Support Worker to carry during the Level 4 Covid-19 lockdown to legitimatise their travel.

(If your document doesn’t automatically open, please check your downloads folder.)


And again…

If finding the support cover you need is challenging, here are a few options you may want to consider;

  • CCS Disability Action – 0800 227 2255
  • Florence Nightingale – 03 366 8630
  • Vision West – 0800 222 040

Please be in touch if there is anything we can do to help. Our CEC team is always happy to help, call us on 0508 462 427 or email the CEC.
For any questions whether you are at risk or not, please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Kia kaha Manawanui whānau.
Kind regards,
Marsha Marshall