Other Services

Alongside our range of service packages, we offer some additional services to our clients.



We provide free workshops to our clients on recruitment, employment and budgeting.

We can also provide workshops on other topics to organisations or groups on demand. If you are interested in a personalised workshop, then please email us for more information and costs.

Workshops  Email


Network meetings

We host Network meetings across the country, which offer an opportunity for you to meet others in your area who are also using our services, to share ideas and resources and to problem-solve issues.



Te Pou Application Support

We can support you with your application for Consumer Leadership, Workforce Development and Training Grants through Te Pou.

Consumer Leadership and Workforce Development grant applications open twice a year. For more information about the grants visit the Te Pou website.

If you would like support to complete your application, then please contact Learning & Training or call 0508 462 427 to find out more.

Te Pou  Email