Mana Whaikaha – Disability Transformation

As an IF host provider, we’ve been supporting people to design the life they want for over 13 years. Our service is truly individual which is why it fits so well with the new disability transformation prototype (Mana Whaikaha).

We believe that you are in charge of your life and should choose how you want to live it.

Because of this we can help you craft a service that meets your needs and provide as little or much input as you want.

Whether you need help with recruiting, budgeting and being an employer, want a hassle-free payroll system or are looking for a proven and trusted partner, we can help you design an option to suit you.

It doesn’t matter how you’re funded or what you want to do, we will work with you create an individualised service.

You’re in charge so you tell us what you want and we’ll help you get it in place.

Not sure where to start with your Mana Whaikaha funding?

Have a look at our current services menu to get an idea of what you could do, or register your interest with Manawanui via the online form.

For more information on disability transformation go to Manawhaikaha.

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