Employer Protection Package

For peace of mind and protection, our Employer Protection Package is for everyone who hires and manages employees. This package provides Employer Insurance and access to expert support for all aspects of employment relations.

This annual package is available to Manawanui customers for just $210* each year, and can be purchased using your Individualised Funding. It includes:

  • Employment Disputes and Employer Liability Insurance (valued at $900)
    Employment Disputes Insurance provides protection to employers for personal grievance actions taken by employees and prospective employees as a result of unjustified dismissal, discrimination or other disadvantage.
    Employer Liability Insurance steps in to defend you against civil actions by employees alleging workplace illnesses or injuries not covered by ACC.
  • Membership to the Employers and Manufacturers Association – EMA (valued at $500)
     This provides access to employment relations advice, seminars and online resources. More information about EMA

    Cost: $210* per year
    *This cost is the full 12 month fee which renews in April each year. Your fee will be calculated from the month that you sign up and you will be charged the pro-rata amount. Example: If you sign up in November, you will pay for 5 months of insurance cover, from November to March and payment will be deducted accordingly.


Find out how Employment Disputes Insurance saved Michael over $4000 when he fired a support worker who often turned up to work drunk.

Michael is a 23 year old man who requires daily support to help him to manage his home and activities. He employs several support workers under an IF arrangement. . .

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Find out how Employer Liability Insurance saved the William’s family nearly $10,000 when, after a deeply distressing time, a support worker struggling with stress and grief filed for compensation.

Kim worked as a support worker for Kathy and David Williams providing personal care to their 23 year old son, Chris. Chris had very high support needs due to the nature of his disability. . .

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