COVID-19 Moving to Alert Level Four

As promised, I am committed to keeping you updated with key information and updates related to COVID-19 as new details come to hand.
The recent address from our Prime Minister advises that New Zealand will be moving to an alert level four to “eliminate” the virus. This is to be implemented by Wednesday 25 March at midnight, and means the nation is now preparing to go into self-isolation for a month at this stage.
Manawanui is here to do whatever we can to support you and provide some guidance on how to prepare ahead of this:

Alert level four means the following:

  • People need to stay at home.
  • Non-essential businesses in New Zealand must now close. It is important to note here that Manawanui is considered an essential business and we will continue to operate our business fully – but from our homes.
  • Supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies, service stations, access to essential banking services will all be available. If you must go out, please continue to practice safe social distancing.
  • Educational facilities are closed, and severe travel restrictions enforced.


What this means for people using Individualised Funding:

  • Care support staff are considered ‘essential’ much like health workers. This means they are still able to provide support.
  • Plan with your support team to get extra supplies of medication and basic groceries. Minimise travel and use online shopping options.
  • For more information on home and community support service workers please refer to this MOH information sheet.

We are continuing to attempt to source personal protective equipment (PPE), but it seems there is a dire lack of supply in New Zealand. I will keep you informed as a matter of urgency on progress in this area. There are some ways of improvising – such as sewing cotton washable face masks – we are investigating this option as well. You can also make your own hand sanitiser, however, basic soap and water remains the best and most effective solution to killing the virus on hands and surfaces.

As we have already told you, there is more flexibility for the use of your funding during this time. This allows you to purchase things directly related to keeping yourself and your whānau safe and healthy while you are staying at home. Some things that you may find helpful during this time:

  • Grocery delivery fee
  • Payment of resident family members if support workers cannot attend
  • Other items that enable you to stay safe and well during this time

We will be undertaking an aggressive e-Mploy campaign aimed at enlisting profiles from displaced workers from other industries to attempt to increase the pool of available carers at your disposal. At a time like this, there are many people who would love to make a significant contribution to assist. I would emphasise that this remains YOUR choice, not an endorsement of any kind from Manawanui.
If finding the support cover you need is challenging, here are a few options you may want to consider;

  • CCS Disability – 0800 227 2255
  • Florence Nightingale – 03 366 8630
  • Vision West – 0800 222 040

Please be in touch if there is anything we can do to help. Our CEC team is always happy to help, call us on 0508 462 427 or email the CEC.
For any questions whether you are at risk or not, please call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Kia kaha Manawanui whānau.
Kind regards,
Marsha Marshall