Rebecca Olive – Fund for Good

Rebecca Olive is a gardening enthusiast who is turning her passion into a sustainable business. As a recipient of the Fund for Good grant, Rebecca’s dream is up and running.  With the purchase of a glasshouse, she is growing vegetables to sell them at a local produce market.

Living with her parents in Invercargill, her Dad, Neville provides support, while Mum, Dianne works full-time. The family moved out of town to live a farmland lifestyle, complete with livestock and plenty of garden space.  This allowed Rebecca to discover her passion. “We thought we’d try to give our family, especially Rebecca, a better opportunity to find a niche in her world, and something for her to work towards,” says Dianne.

It hasn’t been an easy journey for the family. Rebecca was just seven years old when she became extremely unwell from meningitis. She also battled with some mental health issues in her late teens. The Olives have had supports in place since. Now 23 years old, she is a thriving young woman. The family has experienced positive change with their rural move.  They are supportive of Rebecca, encouraging her to pursue her passion.

“She loves animals and also growing plants,” adds Dianne. “Being able to access some funding to help Rebecca reach her potential has been absolutely awesome.” She started growing vegetables in her glasshouse early this year. Starting with tomatoes, expanding to cauliflowers and onions. She has proudly finished pickling her first batch of cauliflowers and looks forward to making tomato ketchup from her garden tomatoes in the future.

The Olives aim to integrate Rebecca into her local community, and Fund for Good is supporting their efforts. “We had a plan, the stopping point was the money of course, and we didn’t know whether it was going to be achieved, so it was Fund for Good that made it achievable.”

The introduction of the glasshouse has seen great results in Rebecca’s initial success at developing her skills as a gardener and a budding entrepreneur. “It’s just the start of many things, hopefully. As far as learning and her thinking about the whole process of what she needs to do at certain times of the year.”

If you have a dream but need some funding to get going, apply for Fund for Good.

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