Attitude Awards

Pictured: Ido Drent, Steff Green and Marsha Marshall

We were  excited to be sponsor the Artistic Achievement Award this year, as part of the annual Attitude Awards.

We congratulate the winner Steff Green.

Steff Green

Steff Green is a New York Times bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and dark science fiction. Although her genres acquire different pen names the work is all produced and self-published by Steff. Steff (32) is legally blind having been born with the rare genetic condition Anchromatopsia. Her condition causes colour blindness and means she has both extreme sensitivity to light and short-sightedness. Steff has a passion for all things alternative including heavy metal, steam-punk culture and cosplay. She lives on a remote lifestyle block with her husband and an array of animals in her self-designed house, which is modelled around the layout of a castle. Steff writes more than 50,000 words a month and says she can’t imagine doing anything else. She wants to use her platform to advocate for diversity in fiction and highlight the struggles and stories of groups left out of mainstream novels.


We would also like to congratulate the finalists  Jared Flitcroft and Andrew McMillan who were also finalists in this award category.